Wine Workbook

The Rhônin Wine Workbook solves the issue of how to train every member of your restaurant staff in sales and service of wine.

As Managers, Sommeliers, or Wine Directors, ensuring that your staff is as productive as possible is a constant effort. There are myriad resources for learning about wine. Unfortunately, giving a server a 300-page book and asking them to learn about wine generally results in a "deer in the headlights" look, for good reason—the book was not necessarily written for them. We have all struggled to put together resources that assist in learning about wine, with, let's be honest, varying results. There just wasn't an effective product designed specifically to educate service staff—until now. Introducing the Rhônin Wine Workbook.




These are not just words to us, they are our founding principals. All together the service professionals who contributed to the Rhônin Wine Workbook have over 150 years of experience!



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