Rhônin EvEnts

A Rhônin event sets you apart when it matters. The purpose of any event—be it a corporate appreciation event, product roll out, or private party—is to make an impact. Boring just won't cut it. Rhônin Wine Consulting adds a depth of fun and education not found in other services. Want to have wines paired to your catering? No problem. Want to make sure the wines match your theme? Easy. Want to pour the most difficult to source wines for your V.I.P.s? Rhônin can do that! Not sure where to start but want to make sure your next event is amazing? Rest easy, we can help in all matters associated with pouring wine for you. Our Sommeliers are all certified, licensed and creative when it comes to the success of your event. 



Events with up to 60 guests and 1 Sommelier: $200/hr*
Events with over 60 guests and 2+ Sommeliers: $400/hr +

*2-hour minimum


Events up to 60 guests are not charged for use of Riedel Stemware. Set up and breakdown is not charged. Pre-event planning services are included in hourly rate. Wine selection, pickup and negotiation are included in hourly rate the majority of the time. All applicable laws regarding alcohol service are strictly followed. Rhônin Wine Consulting cannot sell you wine. This is a WSLCB rule. Rhônin can find, negotiate for and pick up wines but the client must pay for them independently. The client is also forbidden from charging for the wines on any non-WSLCB licensed premises.